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Donate Now to Help Feed and Care for These Animals

All Donations Go Back to Feeding, Sheltering, and Veterinary Care for the Animals.

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We at Cowboy Heaven Miniature Horse Safe Haven are all about the animals. We have rescued everything from Miniature Horses, our namesake, to Donkeys, Goats, Cats, Dogs, and more! We want to give a good home to animals that have been neglected, harmed, abused, forgotten, or simply unloved, while also providing them the medical care they may not have received, so that they can live happy lives for the rest of their days.

Some of our animals are adopted out to good homes, others will find that Cowboy Heaven is their last home, and we strive to make sure that that home life is fun, safe, and comfortable.

YOUR donations can help with that! It's a big business caring for all of these animals, and that comes with significant costs. Medical, feed, and maintenance on the shelters all cost money, and every dollar counts! And EVERY penny goes back to the animals.

So please consider donating today.